The Ghost Huntress Pilot Episode Now Available

The Ghost Huntress

Sicklerville, NJ | December 20, 2015: On-Ride Entertainment, LLC. in association with Zohar Films is proud to announce the pilot episode release of the much anticipated horror TV show, The Ghost Huntress.

The Ghost Huntress stars award-winning horror writer, Mylo Carbia, and ORE execs Everett "EJ" Burgan, Brian Targett, and Robert Bittle. The pilot episode is the very first concept of this exciting new television series. "We hope that some TV network execs take a look at this and say, 'Wow, we need this.'," said Executive Producer Everett Burgan. On-Ride Entertainment and Zohar Films hope to reach an agreement with both online and traditional TV networks to shoot and distribute the entire first season. The entire pilot episode is available now on the ORE website.

For the most up-to-date information keep checking the On-Ride Entertainment website.


There are ghost hunters. And there are psychics. But what happens when a clairaudient psychic medium embarks upon a journey with a team of filmmakers to interview spirits from the other side?


On-Ride Entertainment, LLC. (ORE) is an independent media production company in the Greater Philadelphia area. ORE produces in-house and acquired short and feature-length films, television and web series, podcasts, commercials, and music videos. ORE owns and manages the entire life-cycle of productions from development and pre-vis to distribution. ORE works with many different partners to ensure the creative and financial success of its projects.


Founded by award-winning writer, Mylo Carbia, Zohar Films produces horror and drama films. Read more on the official website.

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