Hannover House Announces Ingloda: The Possession Within Release Date

Ingloda: The Possession Within DVD Cover (Unapproved, V5)

Sicklerville, NJ, January 21, 2014 – On-Ride Entertainment and Hannover House are happy to announce the much-anticipated and long awaited release date for On-Ride Entertainment’s first feature film, Ingloda: The Possession Within. Full press release (courtesy: Hannover House) is available below. Please remember to stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.


As part of the ongoing (monthly) new release activities for DVD / Blu-Ray and Video-On-Demand titles, Hannover House is pleased to announce the May, 2014 release of director Brian Targett’s intense thriller: INGLODA: THE POSSESSION WITHIN.

Direct-to-Video Horror titles have become a solid part of the Hannover House core-release activities and revenues… and this new title should be among the higher-echelon of sellers!

Ingloda: The Possession Within is a taut and intense thriller that has earned the praise of film festivals and critics. Kelly is the everyday young woman just trying to get by in life with her two best friends. She carries scars from her past and now, at age 24, she must deal with these realities. After discovering the truth about her father’s mysterious death, she begins to tip over the edge… visions, spiritual encounters and out of body experiences begin to possess Kelly and transform her into something else. Kelly’s friends, Kacy and Nikki try their hardest to help her, but are they strong enough to prevail over the possession within?

Ingloda: The Possession Within DVD Cover (Unapproved, V5)

(courtesy Hannover House)

Ingloda Weblinks: inglodamovie.com | thepossessionwithin.com


Hannover House is a full service media company, specializing in the production and distribution of feature films onto the DVD format for the North American retail marketplace. Formed in 1993, Hannover House concentrated it’s activities exclusively in the literary, book-publishing industries until ’2003 when the company entered into the DVD marketplace. Now, with over 70 DVD titles in active distribution, Hannover House has quickly ascended to a dominant role as a leading, independent distributor of DVD’s. The company is particularly noted for its successes in placing DVD titles within mass merchandisers and key chain stores.

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On-Ride Entertainment, LLC. is a film production company based in Sicklerville, NJ. On-Ride Entertainment produces short and feature-length films written both in-house and by other parties. On-Ride Entertainment was founded in September 2012 by President & CEO Everett Burgan, Vice President & COO Brian Targett, and Vice President and CBO Robert Bittle.