On-Ride Entertainment Announces New Projects

Sicklerville, NJ, JULY 10, 2013:  On-Ride Entertainment, LLC. announces pre-production on two new projects. On-Ride has acquired a Documentary & Webisode project for an undisclosed client as well as a new short comedy. Filming is both projects is set to begin in the coming weeks following a short pre-production period.

The Documentary & Webisode project will be Directed By Alexandra Morano. Recruiting for a Director of Photography and Chief Audio Engineer will begin on July 10. Details for the project will follow soon on the On-Ride Entertainment website. The public will soon be able to interact with the Cast and Crew via social networks including Twitter and Facebook as well as YouTube. Executive Producers include On-Ride management members Everett Burgan Jr and Brian Targett.

The Comedy Short, Written by Lauren Davish, Directed by Brian Targett, and Produced by Everett Burgan, will begin filming at the end of August. Recruiting for the cast is already underway and are expected to be hired before the end of July. More details as well as Social Media outlets will follow.

Both productions are On-Ride Entertainment Productions and are expected to reach the public by 2014. More details will follow in the coming weeks via Social Media outlets and the On-Ride Entertainment website.


On-Ride Entertainment, LLC. is a film production company based in Sicklerville, NJ. On-Ride Entertainment produces short and feature-length films written both in-house and by other parties. On-Ride Entertainment was founded in September 2012 by President & CEO Everett Burgan, Vice President & COO Brian Targett, and Vice President and CBO Robert Bittle.

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