About Us

On-Ride Entertainment, LLC. (ORE) is an independent media production company in the Greater Philadelphia area. ORE produces in-house and acquired short and feature-length films, television and web series, podcasts, commercials, and music videos. ORE owns and manages the entire life-cycle of productions from development and pre-vis to distribution. ORE works with many different partners to ensure the creative and financial success of its projects.

On-Ride Entertainment's mission is to provide quality film, television, and other media productions to entertain a multitude of audiences. We want to breathe new life into the independent film community and ultimately bridge that gap between the indie film companies and the major studios. On-Ride Entertainment proudly produces, directs, and films projects from other individuals and companies and provides the tools, skillset, and additional labor and talent necessary to complete the project. If you are interested in partnering with On-Ride Entertainment, please contact us. 

What We Do

  • Filmmaking & Film Production
  • TV Production
  • Radio & Podcasting
  • Script Writing & Scrip Doctoring/Revisions
  • Commercials & Advertising

Our Story

On-Ride Entertainment began as an idea in the Summer of 2009 as an entity to back a popular re-born amusement park entertainment site, On-Ride Central. Unfortunately, On-Ride Central never made it back online, however, the team decided to retain rights to the names. In the Summer of 2012, the team decided it was the right time to bring back On-Ride Entertainment as a legal business entity to back their first feature film, Îngloda which was written and directed by Co-Founder Brian Targett. On-Ride Entertainment, L.L.C. is a member-managed Limited Liability Company owned and operated by Everett Burgan, Brian Targett, and Robert Bittle – "The Three Muskateers."