Now Hiring! New Project!


On-Ride Entertainment, LLC. is now hiring and currently seeking a Videographer & Production Assistant. This dual-role will work with the Director, D.P., and Producer throughout production and post-production. Full details below follwing the link to the application page. Feel free to check out all open positions on our Jobs page.

Link to application.


On-Ride Entertainment, in association with one of our affiliates, is seeking a Videographer & Production Assistant for a documentary short. The candidate will work side-by-side with the Director, D.P., and Producers throughout the production and post-production stages.  

Notice: This is an unpaid role for credit only. This is a self-funded and not-for-profit project. The film will be submitted to festivals to create awareness around the topic and for potential awards. There are no intentions to sell the final product therefore no compensation will be provided.


  • Should have own DSLR camera similar to Canon 7D, T4i, T3i, or 5D or camcorder similiar to Canon XF100.
  • 1+ years experience on film project of any type.
  • Reliable transportation.

Internal Stuff:

  • Job Code: –
  • Department: Film & TV APO
  • Compensation: –
  • Report-To: D.P.