Mylo Carbia to Co-Produce Night of Thrills

Sicklerville, NJ, September 5, 2014:  On-Ride Entertainment, LLC. announces that Writer, Director, and Producer Mylo Carbia has been attached to the Night of Thrills feature film as a Co-Producer. Mylo brings many years' experience to help make Night of Thrills a success. Pre-production started on Night of Thrills on August 15, 2014 and Mylo comes on board effective immediately and will Co-Produce the project through completion. Mylo will assist in casting, funding, and final script development.

"It's my pleasure to join the project," Mylo stated when she joined the project on Thursday evening. On-Ride Entertainment is very happy to have been able to attach someone of Mylo's caliber and experience for such an exciting film. The budget for Night of Thrills is still being finalized. Once budgeting has been completed, the project will move into a winter-long funding period to raise the final amount of funds to enter production and post production. Stay tuned for more updates on Night of Thrills.

About Night of Thrills

Night of Thrills (d/b/a Thrills Movie NJ, LLC) is a feature-length horror film taking place in a small amusement park. Night of Thrills is slated for a 2016 nationwide release with other countries to follow later. Distribution has not yet been finalized. Incentives and contests will be announced in the coming months for those interested in being part of this exciting film. Taking advantage of new technology, "Night of Thrills" will be shot on a Canon C300 with Prime lenses. For more information, please continue to watch the blog. The official movie page is also now live at The official website will launch in Fall 2014 to coincide with the funding campaign and the release of the teaser poster.

SynopsisAn amusement park's urban-legend-fueled reputation for lethal mishaps turns out to be more truth than tall-tale when the crew prepping the park for Halloween season starts getting picked off one by one.

About Mylo Carbia

Mylo Carbia

Born and raised in New Jersey, Mylo Carbia spent her childhood years writing to escape the horrors of growing up in a haunted house. As the daughter of the "Prince of Mambo" Eddie Carbia and goddaughter of actor Raul Julia, Mylo was surrounded by the entertainment industry at an early age. By the age of 17, she was already well established in the local theater circuit as a prolific young playwright. While in college, Mylo wrote, produced and directed The Dolly Parton Conspiracy, winner of the Troubadour Theatrical Society's Best Play Award in 1992. Her very first screenplay was optioned only 28 days after completion, earning Mylo a "three picture deal" with Global Screen Partners and the cover of Hollywood Scriptwriter in October 2003. Since that time, Mylo has been quietly working on several television and film projects under her production company Zohar Films, and has recently announced several major feature film projects due for release next year. (via imdb)

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About On-Ride entertainment, LLC.

On-Ride Entertainment, LLC. is a media production company based in Greater Philadelphia. On-Ride Entertainment produces short and feature-length in-house films. On-Ride Entertainment was founded in September 2012 by President; CEO Everett Burgan, Executive Vice President; COO Brian Targett, and Executive Vice President; CBO Robert Bittle.

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