On-Ride Announces Entertainment Podcast

Sicklerville, NJ, August 6, 2014:  On-Ride Entertainment is proud to announce a new and exciting project – an entertainment podcast. After months of planning, the hiring process is now ready to begin for this non-traditional project.

Traditionally On-Ride is a film company, however there has always been a plan to expand into other "entertainment" areas and this podcast will do just that. The podcast is slated to air the first show in Fall 2014 alongside the release of the company's first movie, Ingloda: The Possession Within. On-Ride is actively recruiting seven intern positions to help aide full-time employees in making the podcast a success. Interns interested can apply at http://smrtr.co/1qXEWpA starting now and will have their applications reviewed within 72 hours after submitting their "About You" statement. Keep checking the website over the next few weeks to learn more about this exciting new venture for On-Ride Entertainment!

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About On-Ride Entertainment, LLC.

On-Ride Entertainment, LLC. is a full-service media production company based in Sicklerville, NJ. On-Ride Entertainment produces short and feature-length films, commercials, and music videos. On-Ride Entertainment was founded in September 2012 by President & CEO Everett Burgan, Vice President & COO Brian Targett, and VP & Chief Brand Officer Robert Bittle.